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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Setting The Stage for KEMEdia Moments; The Blog and Webisodes!

Hi!, I’m Mike Reid, owner and director of KEMEdia Studios in Montreal
We are a multi-media production house that has been in existence since 1983.
Over the course of those years we’ve made extensive use of many technologies. As users of technology we have come to see the good, bad and ugly of many products and tools.

KEMEdia Moments will be a series of short blogs and webisodes designed to help you understand some of the technology that is at your fingertips.
They will cover a multitude of things and we’ll do our best to enlighten you about old vs. new stuff and hopefully give you enough awareness so that you can make good educated decisions about what you need in the future and perhaps how to buy it.

OK so today I’m going to talk about old stuff vs. new stuff.

Everyone is always pushing us to buy the latest this, the faster that and the bigger and better whatever. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

The reality is that if you buy wisely, whatever you acquire should serve you well for many years. How many years depends on what it is but most importantly, with a little effort, you can be happy and remain happy with what you have bought a lot longer than a salesman tells you.

What I am really saying is that if you do your homework and if you buy wisely, and if the things you buy have the right options for you, then their useful shelf life in your home or office will be much much longer.

I am going to use a computer as an example. Let’s say you are in the market to replace your Commodore 64. First decide what you really REALLY need from your computer. Make a list of your must haves, both hardware and software. Obviously if you are using it for video and  media creation you need more horsepower and RAM and/or fatter disc drives with amazing video cards.
However, if all you want is something to check e-mail, word process, do some accounting and surf the net on occasion, then you don’t need to pony up big bucks for a fancy pants computer and you can still get one with a modern processor that is so much faster than what was around even a year ago. With the right software your new computer can be viable for many years. A netbook may suffice.

This is a simple analogy for what can be a very complex purchase but if you stick with me through future webisodes, you’ll come to see many things.
Among other things you’ll learn;
- how to be realistic about your present needs and couple them with some future possibilities
-  how to be prepared and do your homework
- where to go for information
- how to prepare yourself to deal with sales people who do not necessarily have your best interests at heart.
- How to demo products for yourself
- How to know you are over your head
- when to do it yourself or hand it over to the pros
- and hopefully how to remain open minded to new emerging technologies and tools

Along the way we will give you tools and tips on video camera and digital camera use, editing, production values, software and much much more.

In short I hope we will have something for everyone.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget, if you have something to say or a question to ask you can e-mail me at and please check out our website at

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Mike Reid can be heard approximately once a month on the Dave Fisher Show, weekends on CJAD 800 in Montreal. Mike and Dave talk about technology and new directions during these ten minute spots.